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SANCTUM Vanguard Looking to Kick things off | Announcements

Miami, FL / February 14, 2023. Sanctum Invicta kicks things off with a bang as we take our marketing to the next gear. We have plenty of news and announcements.

Cryptocurrency Market News

The SEC is investigating Kraken and Paxos for regulatory violations. SEC Chair Gary Gensler alleges that Kraken neglected to register its “staking-as-a-service” with the Commission and failed to provide appropriate risk disclosures. He dismissed the notion that there is a lack of clarity in cryptocurrency regulations or registration requirements, countering that such rules exist and must be adhered to.

“There’s a clear way to do this, and there are forms on our website,” said SEC Chair Gary Gensler. “I think it’s just a talking point that the industry is using. They know how to do this. They are just choosing not to do it.”

SEC Chair | Gary Gensler

Paxos, the Binance USD stablecoin issuer, was also ordered to stop issuing Binance stablecoin. When asked, CZ of Binance stated that he was only made aware of it through public news articles and “is not an expert on US laws.”


Early in development, we’ve identified the inherent flaws with staking and the potential legal risks involving utilities that overlap with traditionally regulated industries. Our goal is to offer a valuable alternative to staking for long-term investor benefits.  After securing funding, our first priority will be to actively secure the services of a US-based law firm that we have already identified to assist us in compliance and securities law.

We have already partnered with an SEC-approved platform through which we will be raising capital to fund our roadmap. This partnership allows us to have access to necessary disclosures and counsel, which ensures compliance with regulations. Our first order of business will be to invest in our legal structure. We are committed to making a good-faith effort to obtain proper securitization, as outlined by the statements of the SEC Chair regarding the correct approach to issuing tokens.

After interviewing several US law firms, we have identified the firm that will represent us. The majority of regulations are designed to protect consumers, and governments step in to safeguard individuals when markets cannot regulate themselves. We see an opportunity to lead by example, making a good-faith effort to abide by existing regulations while simultaneously advocating for the potential of blockchain and other emerging technology.

Sanctum Invicta Updates

  • Twitter Spaces AMA with Mr. Diamondhandz on Wednesday, February 15th at 10 am EST
  • Pitch Deck is almost complete and will be released soon
  • Several partnerships will be announced throughout the next few weeks as we look to onboard more
  • We have a series of youtube content planned and scheduled to come out over the coming weeks
  • We have been featured on Benzinga, Marketwatch, and others – our Press section will be updated to reflect our official press releases.
  • We will be uploading our roadmap soon after the pitch deck is released
  • Roadmap updates will be posted here on the website

What Next

Our top priority for the next few months is to actively build our community, engage in productive conversations, and share valuable content. Our upcoming AMAs, content, and announcements will focus on detailing different aspects of our project.

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Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs for winning Super Bowl LVII. We also wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. Whether you celebrate or not, we think its good to spread love. Get ready for an awesome Sanctum Summer.

Behold the Vanguard’s light, the unwavering protectors of the Sanctum who will lead the path forward to Zion


Sanctum Invicta Team

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