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Sanctum invicta announces official partnership with chainraise

Sanctum Invicta Labs Announces Partnership with Chainraise

Miami, FL Sanctum Invicta Labs has partnered with Chainraise, an SEC-registered funding platform and a licensed member of FINRA (the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), to streamline our fundraising process. We are excited to announce that we have been approved to list on their platform and will be conducting several rounds of funding through them. This partnership provides us with an easy and direct way for our investors to participate in our success.

Chainraise’s SEC-compliant funding portal and expertise in structuring offerings will enable Sanctum Invicta to leverage a safe and secure fundraising process for our investors. Chainraise’s rigorous screening process ensures that only companies with strong potential are accepted to raise capital on their platform.

Chainraise has many companies apply to raise capital but in order to get accepted  must go through Chainraise’s screening process which includes:

  • An Excitement Check
  • Responsibility Check
  • Bad Actor Check
  • Anti-Fraud Process

You can read about it more here.

You can find Chainraise listed as a FINRA regulated member Here

We are pleased to have Sanctum Invicta Labs coming onto our platform for a crowdfunding raise. Our platform’s focus is to work with Web3 companies and more, and allow everyday investors early access to invest into companies like Sanctum.

Corey Goodlander, CEO of Chainraise

This partnership will contribute to our continued growth and success. The Chainraise platform allows us to streamline investor communications, automate compliance, and enhances the investor experience which aligns with our mission to make web3 as easy as web2.

We plan on kicking this partnership off with a Regulation Crowdfunding offering. This allows us to raise capital from both accredited and non-accredited investors in a compliant manner.

You can read all about Regulation Crowdfunding from the SEC’s website Here.

We will announce the details of the offering in a future announcement. Once the deadlines are confirmed, we will announce the details on our website.

Email subscribers will get reminders and details of the offering straight to their inboxes. Join our waitlist so that you don’t miss any important details.

About Sanctum Invicta Labs:

Sanctum provides next-gen blockchain solutions and immersive experiences utilizing advanced technologies such as blockchain, AR, VR, and AI. They’re dedicated to improving digital technology for practical solutions in everyday life, always at the forefront of emerging technologies.

About Chainraise:

ChainRaise is a capital raising platform, that raises money for web 3.0 companies, blockchain companies, tech start-ups, real estate, and more. Using blockchain technology, we make startup investment and fundraising safe and secure for everyone involved. 

For Further information on Chainraise, Please visit their Website:

We are excited about the opportunities that this partnership with Chainraise will bring, and we look forward to working together to achieve our shared goals.

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