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Sanctum Announces PLANS TO Launch A Platform That Allows Users to Discover and Interact with Different Metaverses and Blockchain  Applications

Written by Samara Servius

Sanctum is a web3 startup using blockchain technology to introduce consumers to the metaverse. 


Miami, FL / November 15, 2022. Sanctum Invicta today announces plans to launch a platform with the goal to make web3 and the metaverse easy and intuitive for everyone. Through blockchain applications and a focus on infrastructure and education, Sanctum users will be able to discover and interact with blockchain applications through a frictionless marketplace that rewards partners, users, and token holders for building the Sanctum platform and vision. 

Sanctum has emerged as a company that intends to develop innovative next-generation blockchain solutions. The company will be conducting a crowdfunding capital raise through a Reg CF.

Why the metaverse

The metaverse is an extension of the internet that allows people to traverse virtual worlds and interact through virtual economies. The world is becoming more interconnected as people seek new ways to interact with each other. Globalization has brought the opportunity for people to work, collaborate, and socialize over vast networks. Even though the current internet has removed many barriers to long-distance communication, the metaverse presents opportunities to expand to more than just simple reading and writing interactions.

While there are elements attributed to the metaverse present in a few companies, there aren’t many that have truly committed to building the infrastructure needed for widespread adoption. This will require a focus on product solutions, education, and developing the right incentives to bring the right community of early adopters to see through this vision. The Metaverse will need a combination of multiple technologies including blockchain, extended reality, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity and Sanctum Invicta aims to become the platform that brings this all together.

“The goal is to reduce the number of friction points for users to interact with the blockchain  so they can focus on the more interactive aspects of discovery that lead to the growth of the  Internet and mobile markets,” said Jules Servius, Founder and CEO of Sanctum. “Education  will be at the forefront of everything we do. By building the right partnerships, a strong user  base, and strong utilities, we’ll be able to explore new worlds.”

Jules Servius, Founder

Sanctum Ecosystem

Sanctum Invicta’s business model consists of an ecosystem, which includes several core utilities that build the foundation for its platform. The primary utilities include the Web3 Browser, The Marketplace, and a Launchpad. in the phase one plan. The focus will be on seamless integrations and an intuitive user experience for non-web3 natives. Our platform will allow a curated experience for metaverse, blockchain, and AI applications that users can explore through a vetted process.

The company has already developed an alliance of strategic partners ready to aid in the Sanctum Invicta vision. Sanctum hopes to create a platform that rebrands crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse where the public can focus on the limitless potential of the blockchain. 

Sanctum Council

Sanctum Invicta has partnered with ChainRaise which is an SEC-registered platform approved by FINRA to conduct a Reg CF for their capital raise. Details of the offering and how to participate will be released in the upcoming weeks.

Investors and early adopters will have an opportunity to join the Sanctum Council which will play a key part in developing our next-gen web3 platform. Early financial backers will be able to mint Sanctum Council passes which are NFTs that can only be minted by investors.

Sanctum Invicta Council members will have multiple benefits for holding these tokens including:

  • Governance Rights – The token holders can vote for upcoming proposals, get sufficient access to platform experiences, and are also eligible for special rewards and incentives.
  • Early Access to Upcoming Products – Sanctum Council members will have early access to products and tools before it is open to the public.
  • Tiered Membership Perks – Sanctum Invicta is developing a loyalty program for its token holders, which includes access to training tools, platform profit-sharing, and admittance to exceptional events and workshops. Early investors will be offered the highest membership tiers and subsequent raises will be offered a tier below that. There are plans to allow people to level up their membership through other means besides investment.

Including more layer two blockchain solutions integrated within Sanctum’s ecosystem. Blockchain solutions can shape the company’s interaction with technology and the general surroundings.

Native Token

Owning the Sanctum Council NFT enables holders to claim the native token when it comes out. We have connections and partnerships with some of the top tokenomics consultants that will be drafting the ecosystem. Sanctum Invicta has decided to launch the NFTs first because we want to build a community and provide utility first and foremost. Our legal team will be front and center at ensuring we build a token ecosystem that withstands regulatory scrutiny. Our business model will ensure the sustainability of the project.

Sanctum Vanguard

Sanctum Invicta Labs is a company founded by Jules Servius that represents the Sanctum Vanguard and comprises the team and leadership of Sanctum Invicta. The Vanguard means “those who go before”. In an army, they are on the frontlines of the battlefield. Our goal as a team and as a company is to bring transparency, structure, and leadership to the space. Part of the responsibilities of the vanguard includes managing all off-chain activities, ensuring compliance with existing and future regulations, executing the strategic vision of the project, and representing the goals of the Sanctum Invicta project to the public. The Vanguard is also in the works of bringing onboard strategic advisors critical to the mission of the project.

Next Steps

Over the next couple of weeks, Sanctum Invicta will be focused on community development as we aim to prepare people for our usecase.

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Sanctum is a blockchain company that provides next-gen blockchain solutions. The company is also determined to conduct research and create immersive experiences utilizing futuristic technologies such as blockchain, augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. Sanctum is dedicated to embracing and improving digital technology that will create solutions for everyday life.

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