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What We Do

We're Building the Next Gen Digital Future

We are developing the next generation of digital technical solutions, including blockchain, extended reality, and artificial intelligence. By joining Sanctum Invicta, you will be part of a long-term vision that empowers individuals and organizations to embrace the future and make bold steps forward. Our solutions have the potential to shape the way we interact with technology and the world around us.

core values

Why choose us

  • Transparency

    You can look forward to detailed audit reports, timelines, and AMA's so we can inform stakeholders and stay ahead of US regulatory standards. Our hybrid organization model is designed to make us competitive and efficient.

  • Excellence

    Our team is chosen for their high degree of commitment to our values and ambitions to create a transparent and efficient organization. We are in talks with US based law firms and accounting teams for all regulatory compliance and guidance.

  • Innovation

    We challenge ourselves to think outside the box as we tackle core issues with blockchain, crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse. We'll be spearheading a more seamless blockchain experience through industry research and a product focused approach to brand development.




We will incubate our own products and projects, as well as 3rd party developers to develop our ecosystem.

Industry Insights

Blockchain research studies will be developed by our team to find solutions to empower growth and mass adoption.


Business workshops will provide education, training, and offer solutions developed through our ecosystem, as well as partners.


A curated marketplace of blockchain apps that have consumer ready products to enhance discoverability of useful utilities.

Web Architecture

A decentralized web browser and tools that will reimagine the current internet browsing experience integrated with our ecosystem

Custom dapps

Custom Dapp development will focus on seamless and user-friendly solutions and integrations for essential blockchain functions.


Our blockchain will facilitate our custom dapps, incentivize platform adoption, and invite 3rd party development to further build our ecosystem.

Digital Memberships

We're rebranding NFTs to digital memberships that can be sold and transferred on a secondary market and provide unique benefits to holders.

Upcoming projects

Check here for updates on our upcoming projects. Community projects, ecosystem projects, and any product announcements will be posted here for quick reference. Subscribe to get the latest news. 

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