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What is Sanctum

There is nearly a limitless potential for futuristic technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, extended reality experiences.

Sanctum is creating a web platform and a curated marketplace that gives you the power to discover and interact with the metaverse and blockchain utilities that matter to you.

Earn NFT and token rewards by using our platform, building dapps, and participating in upcoming events.

Welcome to the Sanctum Invicta Council

Getting Started

We are launching a Security Token Offering which is a token that complies with SEC regulations and traditional securities market requirements. The tokenization of real world assets is one of the biggest use cases for blockchain technology and we're going to be one of the first NFT projects to do things the right way.

As we look to build the next big web3 brand, we look to build a community of early adopters through the Sanctum Council. You can become a member of the Sanctum Council by owning Sanctum Council passes which are NFTs. Investors that contirbute to our crowdfunding raise will be granted free membership into the Sanctum Council.

Once joined Sanctum Council members will be granted governance rights and early access to our platform. There will be profit sharing incentives for any revenues generated on the Sanctum platform. Moreover, you'll have unlimited VIP access to all our events and workshops that are aimed to showcase the best utilities in the metaverse, web3, and AI.

Token Holder Benefits

Sanctum Council members are at the forefront of our vision and get rewarded for using and growing the ecosystem.

  • Governance Rights

    Token holders will be able to vote on upcoming proposals, gain access to platform insights, and eligible for rewards and incentives.

  • Early Access to Upcoming Products

    Get access to products and tools before anyone else. We're developing applications, tools, and programs that will change up how we view the metaverse. Get whitelisted for upcoming token sales and NFTs.

  • Tiered Membership Perks

    We look to develop a loyalty program for holders which will include access to special trading tools, profit sharing programs, and access to special events and workshops. We're looking to obtain a lounge in Miami and expand benefits to members.

  • Revenue Sharing Program

    The platform will be monetized and there will be a focus on scaling the platform with profit in mind. Investors and members of the Sanctum Council will be part of a special revenue sharing program that we look to implement for adoption incentives.

Upcoming Utility

Discover Sanctum

Sanctum Browser

Transform your internet experience with a powerful new browsing platform powered by blockchain and AI technology.

Sanctum Marketplace

Discover the latest and best utilities and products in the metaverse.

Sanctum Launchpad

Join the ranks of successful brands and elevate your business with our SaaS blockchain solutions so that you don't get left behind.

Getting Started

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Revolutionizing the digital landscape

About Us

Empowering the World Through blockchain technology

Frequently asked questions

Sanctum Invicta Labs is a web3 company that is creating a decentralized web3 browser that aggregates the best utilities in web3. This includes crypto, NFTs, the metaverse, and artificial intelligence. 

As a “lab”, we are looking to incubate and develop unique utilities using web3 and blockchain technology. Our goal is to plug in the gaps of web3 adoption by creating the tools in-house.

We are developing a web3 browser which will go beyond basic search functions. We’re looking to create custom d’apps, a marketplace, as well as incubate new products unto our platform.

Our NFTs will provide our holders early access to our products as well as permanent access to premium features being developed for the platform. 

A Security Token Offering (STO) is a token that represents legal ownership in a real world asset, such as equity. With security tokens, holders will have the same rights and privileges as investors.

With the recent crackdown by the SEC against crypto firms with unregistered securities, it is important to have a legal strategy when approaching blockchain utilities such as crypto.

We are partnered with Chainraise which is an SEC approved and licensed platform under FINRA that will fascilitate our Reg CF offering for us to meet our compliance needs.

In order to issue a security token offering, we must go through an extensive screening process. This includes a background check, providing proper disclosures, and providing our business plan to potential investors. This ensures a higher level of transparency than any other type of token offering. Most presales require no disclosures on  a project’s business plans, team, or background checks.

 A Reg CF allows us to raise money from both accredited and non-accredited investors in exchange for equity and early access to products we develop. It is one of the ways we’re able to legally register private securities with the SEC and there is precedent for how to get it done. 

This process is transparent and regulated by the SEC to ensure that we as a company disclose all the risks and due diligence associated with our company. 

Membership within the Sanctum Council will provide several benefits within our project such as early access to upcoming events and products, some governance privileges, as well as reward incentives. 

Through our Sanctum Council NFTs, you will have access to token gated content, exclusive AMA’s, and gain legacy privileges throughout the life of the project.

We plan on initiating our Security Token Offering in Q2 2023, ideally in May or June. It takes time to prepare an offering. About a month after the completion of our first raise, we’ll release the Sanctum Council NFT passes to our investors. We may sell additional Sanctum Council passes depending on our goals. The roadmap and timeline will be disclosed on the website and updated for accuracy.

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